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Friday, June 21, 2013

Long time and new goals -actually old goals revisited

Last year I created a vision board. The vision board contains dreams and goals that I had hoped to accomplish the year of my 50. I missed the boat tremendously.
Starting my summer vacation off this year with a lot of down time and wasted time I decided that it was time to re-create and kick myself in the rear. I have so many things of which to be thankful for a great family a nice home and a job. I have my health which will start to go down hill if I don't start working on making my dreams and goals come true.
I am a person who needs accountability. So I'm going to tackle one of the goals on my vision board. You'll see the number 500. That is how many miles I wish to walk between now and next year at this time. Each week I will post update as to how I am progressing withmy goal. My second goal is each week again to remember to post the things that I am so thankful for.
A lot of this stems from a terrible tragedy this week to family member's brother. While the two were voting the boat experienced technical trouble. Unfortunately while attempting to fix the boat my cousin in law's brother drowned. While I'm sure he is in heaven with our Lord, his family is grieving. This really has me thinking that we need to try to make each and every day the best we can be. And a lot of that can be fostered by setting goals.
I hope you'll follow me in my journey.

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