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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Long over due update with multiple ramblings!

The last several months have an very busy. I'm so thankful for one of the best summers that I've had. I was able to visit my son in California , visit my friend's daughter in Nashville, visit relatives in New Jersey, visit my daughter several times in Columbus and watch my son childhood friend to get married!

My journey to 500 miles has not grown a lot but I'm thankful for the 58.27 that I have been able to walk. I truly believe that events and people are put in our lives for a reason. I just found a walking buddy to walk a couple mornings a week. This will definitely improve my health and help my walking journey. Also at work they have started a biggest loser contest. That will surely help with some accountability for this journey.

Several years ago I was able to participate in a  CRHP retreat process. In this process you attend a retreat and the following year you put a retreat on to help with the faith lives of others. as the years continue on your particular group also helps provide meals and care letters for others. I just wanted to share a little prayer square that I crocheted to give to the most recent retreat group:

The same prayer is for those of you reading! 

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