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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

This is a thankful jar that was posted several times on facebook and I am sorry not to remember the reference.  I had the perfect jar to start my own today!   I look forward to next New Year's Eve - reading through the notes of blessings that I put in it this year.  
This holiday season has gone by quickly.  It has been a good season for our family.  We had some great times to add to our memories.   
The reading for yesterday's Gospel triggered the feelings of letting go of your children.  Luke 2: 41-52 tells the story of Jesus being lost from his parents but all the while he was in the temple, his Father's house.  Mary reprimanded him when she questioned him about why he had had stayed behind.  She let him know how she was worried about him.  While listening to this I thought of how Mary had to start letting go of Jesus at a very young age.  And now I have to let go too of my children more than just dropping them off at college.  Kate, my 25 year old, is well settled into her own life in Columbus, Ohio (only a 100 minute drive away).    She was home for the holidays but this is not her home- she has her own duplex, own church, own family of friends there.  And now in 7 short weeks, Adam too will be making his own home much farther away in California.  I am so excited for him considering the adventures that lie ahead for him.  But I cannot help but remember the worry even Mary had as she began the letting go process.  Jesus had his purpose as both my children have their purpose.  I pray that I may be more like Mary as she kept the words of her child in her heart and let our heavenly Father take the lead in fulfilling the purpose for which her child was born. 
I welcome comments and prayers about the process you may have gone through in letting go of your children.
Happy New Year!



  1. Hi Norma - You are loaded here for the party also! I wish you the best of luck- I hope you make lots of new friends! Looking forward to you specialpost here also!


  2. Norma, I live in NE Ohio and love it here. I have seen the Thankful Jar and it is a wonderful Idea. I love reading about your family and children. Hope to read more. I now follow.