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Monday, October 29, 2012

The True Compassionate Heart of a Child

I missed mass this weekend while traveling.  This was a tough weekend as we had planned to spend time with my significant other's son, daughter in law and 3 grandchildren in Virginia.  Sadly, the daughter-in-laws grandmother passed on Wednesday.  We altered our plans to be able to visit my daughter in Columbus, drive to spend a shortened time in Virginia with them, travel back halfway to Pittsburgh and help them with  the grandchildren (7,3 and 6 months), and visit my son who attend college in Pittsburgh.  Whew - tired from reading all that?  I am exhausted!
Just because I missed Sunday mass and we did all that visiting and traveling didn't mean that I didn't have a lesson to learn!
This morning, before the funeral mass, we had the 2 older children.  They are not accustomed to church as I don't think they attend regularly (I am not being judgemental here!).  They were wondering around in this beautiful church before anyone got there.  The three year old E was mesmerized by the church.  While gazing at the body of our Lord on the cross, she says "That really has to hurt, I will have to give him a band aid!".   I need to say too it was not only her words but the look in her eyes!
Wow!  How compassionate and heart warming!  In her world, she recognized the pain the our Lord suffered on OUR behalf! 

Pray for our country and those suffering the devastating effects of Sandy!


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