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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Prayer for my children

I have two children a daughter who is 25 and a son who is 23.  A number of years ago, while at a Magnificat Breakfast, a woman who I just met told me her prayer for her children.  Her prayer was that her children would be surrounded by Christian friends. 
The readings this morning reminded me of that prayer.  The first reading was from Genesis about the creation of Woman and this is why a man leaves his parents and "clings" to his wife.  The other two also center around commitment in relationships. 
My thoughts and prayers went to my children and my prayers for them to be happy.  There is nothing that I wouldn't pray for them more than to find spouses and friends who are committed to their relationships. 
Of course I want them to be successful in their endeavors.  Without someone to share them with the successes can be hollow. 
So this is my prayer for my children: 
Heavenly Father, Keep my children safe.  Guard their hearts.  Keep them in the company of  others who have a heart for good and righteousness.  Let them lead by example showing care and concern, love and hope, faith and trust in all those placed in their path.  AMEN.    

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