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Thursday, October 18, 2012

long time pondering....

This past weekend I opted to go to church at St. Rose.  Not my home parish but I really enjoy Fr. Dave Ross's sermons.  To my surprise, Fr. Howe gave mass Saturday night.  His opening words to the sermon have been rattling in my brain:

"If you were offered a $1,000,000 to skip mass next weekend, what would you do?"

Fr. Howe was giving us a modern day option Christ offered the man who wanted to join Him in his journey from Mark 10:17-30.  Reading it in the gospel sometimes seems surreal and it had to be easier for them.  But when Fr. Howe updated it for our time... wow! 
I tell you I have thought this over and over.  I love the Lord.  I want to be a good Christian and follower.  But I didn't have an immediate answer to turn down the million.  The guilt for my indecision is indescribable.  It still is. 

What woud your answer be?

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