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Monday, October 1, 2012

Taking the positive road

This past weekend the Sunday readings were hard for me to connect with until I took a positive sping on James 5:1-6.  It seems to be a harsh commentary on the materialistic parts of our lives. 
I know many of us have been in the spot where we wish we had more and better.  I have felt that way so many times.  At times when I tell others where I live, I get the "Oh you live in the richey rich area".  I always counter immediately with comments like,"And no I don't live in the 'mansion' district".  Sometimes I have to admit that I sure wish I did. 
Then enter my son and his girl friend from their visit this weekend.  I had minutes of conversation with each individually with each of them.  My son commented on how being at home was a time of relaxation in between visits.  His girl friend shared how she felt more at home at our house than other places.  What wonderful comments that warmed my heart! 
In the positive essence, that was what James was telling me this weekend.  A home is far above riches and material things that will soon fade and disappear.  It is a loving place, a place where you can breathe and sink into comfort. 

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