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Monday, September 24, 2012

The Lord upholds my life

My daughter Kate phoned on Friday night with car problems.  She felt it was not safe to drive it because the power steering was not working.  She was able to find a friend to come pick her up and she was safely home. 
It does not matter that Kate is 25.  Once a child always a child and reason for this mom to be concerned.  I had concerns that someone would hurt the car overnight (even though it was in a well lit parking lot), concerns that her car would not be able to be fixed, concerns that it would be very expensive, concerns that she would not have a way to work and everywhere else she needed to go, concerns that someon would take advantage of her not knowing all the ins and outs of cars.  Need I say more?
Saturday morning she was able to have out insurance roadside assist tow the car to a nearby repair shop.  Indeed the car should not have been driven as the serpentine belt was off.  The repair shop let her know that they could get it looked at and found a belt tensioner was bad; belt was good but off.  They were honest and told her that they could put the belt back on.  It may be 1 day or 1 year before it would go off again without replacing the tensioner.  She made the decision to be safe and replace it.  They were very reasonable and could guarantee it would be done by 2 pm.  While there, they shared their lunch of pizza with her and a few other customers.  She was fortunate to be able to have a great conversation with a fellow Christian woman.  The repair shop gave her dessert.  As she was paying, the repair shop printed out coupons for her.  One she is using soon since she needs her oil changed. 
Now this was a lot of information some of you may be thinking but the message of this hit me that day of how we are taken care of so frequently by random acts of kindness, integrity and business responsibility.  The responsorial Psalm from Sunday, "The Lord upholds my life" could never have been more true that for Kate's experience.  We are fortunate that He uses those placed in our every day as his instruments to uphold our lives!  How has God upheld your life today?

Blessings to you-

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